Sienna Miller
Fancy rocking a fashion-forward hair trend this party season?

Then make like the A-list and fix yourself up with a super-luxe ballerina bun.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Sienna Miller (pictured left) are going crazy for the ultra-refined style and if this season’s runway is anything to go by, sleek is the new dishevelled.

So why not channel this winter’s styling with the classic ‘do which can be worn day or night for an elegant festive look.

Here celebrity hairdresser Josh Atelier explains how to create that super-chic prima ballerina look.

1. Boost the roots. First apply a light mousse like Frederic Fekkai Advance Full Volume Styling Whip, to wet hair.

2. Pump the volume. Blow-dry the hair smooth, paying attention to all around the hairline and lightly backcomb the roots.

3. It’s a wrap. Using a brush, smooth the top layer of hair and tie into a ponytail. If you have enough hair, backcomb the pony before smoothing the outer layer of the bun and wrapping it around to form a bun.

4. Fake it. Fix the edges with hair pins. If you don’t have enough hair, use false hair pieces and tie around the pony using the same method as stage 3.

5. Ballerina chic. Finally, lightly spritz with Wella System Professional hairspray. © Cover Media