Don’t miss the forest for the trees – in the pursuit of a brighter complexion, don’t neglect to quench your skin’s thirst. Dehydrated skin – even if it were pale – will look sickly and sallow, so always load up on a moisturiser. The dewiness of perfectly plump skin will reflect light for a fresh and fabulous finish.

All of us know of that one cocksure colleague who refuses to use sunscreen (or skincare of any sort, for that matter) because she says she’ll only fret over her face when she hits 30. Better think again, young lady: A long-term study commissioned by SK-II researchers has discovered that women in their 20s lose radiance at a faster rate than their peers in other age brackets – in some instances, up to five times faster. Top takeaway: Start caring for your complexion, stat.

Thrown off by the unflattering cast on your complexion? Blame it on the subtle shift in the undertones of your skin, which make a world of difference when it comes to nailing a luminous appearance. There are a ton of reasons why our skin can lose its glow, from the depletion of blue tones from age-related collagen loss to the ramping up of redness due to sluggish blood circulation. File this fact in your “who knew?” folder.

Do this the next time you’re people-watching at a cafe. Notice how some folks with skin that’s ostensibly free of freckles and other visible blemishes can still somehow look subtly shadowy, tired and unhealthy? Blame it on UV exposure, which inflicts damage in the form of “cloudy” spots lurking just under the skin’s surface, dimming the glow and contributing to an overall darkening of the complexion. What’s more, researchers have found that this invisible cloud can become murkier due to a specific protein linked to melanin production.

Enter SK-II’s new GenOptics Aura Cocktail, an intriguing ingredient that’s a star player in two hero serums, the GenOptics Aura Essence and GenOptics Spots Essence. This beautifying blend of prunus extract and the brand’s famed Pitera promises to work on the molecular level to simultaneously slash the levels of said melanin-causing protein and crank up the production of proteins that inhibit melanin synthesis. The aim: To diminish dullness and discolouration from the inside out, both visible and invisible, for a ravishingly radiant and crystal-clear complexion.

You see, our skin tends to be comparatively thinner and weaker, which in turn makes us more vulnerable to the skin-darkening ravages of sun and smog. If you’re a frazzled working woman pulling all-nighters in the CBD district, consider supercharging your skin’s defences against dullness by investing in the GenOptics Spots Essence, which comes souped up with a Lumina kelp extract that’s said to break up stubborn clusters of brown spots and stave off hyperpigmentation in the long run.

If you want bright skin, be sure to address other age-related concerns like sagging and wrinkles. Fine lines and furrows add unwanted texture to your skin and prevents it from reflecting as much light as it should, while droopiness can result in folds that cast an unflattering shadow on your complexion.

Just below your skin’s protective barrier lies a layer of “granules” that is said to have a similar reflective index of light as glass. These granules are responsible for scattering light, blurring out imperfections and lending a lovely luminosity to your face. Polish this “mirror” by incorporating the GenOptics Aura Essence into your regimen. This targeted treatment’s formula is fortified with inositol, an ingredient that promises to boost the “clarity” of skin cells for that elusive lit-from-within glow.

Dead skin cells clogs up your complexion and prevents your brightening skincare from doing its good work, so be sure to partake of gentle exfoliants to resurface and rejuvenate your skin – a weekly scrub in the shower ought to do the trick.

The application of an anti-ageing and anti-pollution sunscreen like SK-II’s Atmosphere Airy Light UV Emulsion SPF30 is absolutely essential in the AM, but treating your skin at night with a whitening serum to undo accumulated damage will help to prevent melanin production from peaking and spilling over into dark spots. Bottomline: Be consistent and patient. Slow and steady wins the race!

Brought to you by SK-II