OMG so cute! This hot makeup collection is a total must-buy Laneige pushbutton B2.png

How gwi yeo weo is this? (That’s “cute” in Korean, BTW.) K-Beauty behemoth Laneige has truly outdone itself with this ridiculously covetable collab with pushBUTTON, that provocative purveyor of sexy Seoul swag.

Push who? File this need-to-know brand in your mental cabinet of Kool K-Fashion labels to toss around at your next stylish shindig. My couture comrade says pushBUTTON is the hippest of the haps, with its threads adorning A-listers the likes of RiRi and T-Ara’s Jiyeon.

As for this Laneige one-off, pushBUTTON has decided to “push” (pun!) its Autumn 2014 print, a really punchy pattern that’s like an amped up version of your standard leopard in a green-and-black colourway.

OMG so cute! This hot makeup collection is a total must-buy Laneige pushbutton B1.png

This Rorschach test-worthy swirl of spots and splotches – squint and you’ll see playful puppies in the mix – is splashed all over Laneige’s blockbuster BB cushion ($59); the spectacularly popular Serum Intense Lipstick in four new “designer” hues ($34 each); and an eye-popping eyeshadow palette ($40), the latter being a brick of browns and pinks that’s incredibly pigmented and intuitive to use: Swirl, blend, done.

The eyeshadow is an obvious standout, but my advice is to blow your wad on all four lippies; Dressy Coral, in particular, is beyond. Packed with plumping polymers, this suite of bang on-trend colour balm hybrids will make it so easy to sport Song Hye Kyo-worthy smackers.

Key takeaway? I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that this fun, fresh and fantastically youthful collection is worth, at the very least, a look-see at your nearest Laneige counter.

Oh yeah, and with this being a limited mid-August release, you can bet your beauty dollar that they’ll be snapped up before you can say Annyeonghi Gyeseyo, so go forth and shop!

The Laneige X pushBUTTON collection is available exclusively at all Laneige stores while stocks last. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.