I had a really lucky encounter today I met Saem Mool Jung.

K-Culture fans, this is the makeup artist you need to know. Jung has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry, such as Lee Hyori, BoA and Tang Wei. She’s also a constant guest on style and beauty shows in South Korea.

Despite having such an impressive portfolio, the celebrity makeup artist was very friendly and humble in person. (Let’s just say that I wasn’t in the most calm state when I went up to her.) I spotted her while walking into Sephora ION and hung around the store like a bee circling a flower, “buzzing” from the sheer coincidence and joy in meeting someone whom I have only ever seen on Korean television. I was also nervous from being bare-faced because I had just done a chemical peel: How was I going to speak to her confidently? Would she judge my complexion?

I finally plucked up the courage to say ‘hi’, approaching her with a very soft voice, “Hi, are you Jung Saem Mool?”, and she said yes with a soft smile. It was smooth sailing from there on, despite my forgetting my name card and having to write my contact details down with a shaky hand, while trying to keep my composure.

Here’s how you can get the edgy K-pop smoky eye look b.png

Here I am with the friendly Jung, after half an hour of snooping around the aisles, worrying (for nothing) about speaking to her.

Jung is on a personal trip to Singapore, so I did not ask her for any makeup tips, but here’s a tutorial on the K-Pop boyband look from her makeup academy’s channel. (I hope you haven’t forgotten that the Mnet Asian Music Awards is happening in Hong Kong on December 3, 2014; our favourite boys from Big Bang are already there as we speak.)

Don’t shy away from this look just because it was made for the boys. This is a really simple smoky eye you can achieve with eyeliner and a single eyeshadow shade. You can add some shimmer to your eye shadow to make it a little less androgynous and more like K-pop idol Minzy.

Minzy’s eye makeup has a sharper definition compared to the K-pop boyband eye makeup look

There are more videos on her YouTube channel worth checking out. They all have English subtitles so you do not have to worry about not understanding Korean.


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