Reuse and recycle! There’s something super gratifying about repurposing cosmetic collaterals – like your good ol’ toothbrush, for instance. 

Wait, what? Let’s circle back and set the scene. It’s your first face-to-face power lunch with a potential business client. You’re dressing to impress without coming off as too fussy and fastidious; hair-wise, a sleek slick-back will do very nicely indeed.  

Quick and dirty tutorial: Slap on some serum into damp hair; part with a fine-toothed comb; then sweep back the sections into a tight ponytail that ends at your nape. Done.

You give your mane a once-over in the mirror when – horror of horrors! – what are those tufts of fuzzy fibres sticking straight up around your hairline like so many sprouting seedlings? 

The solution for this nightmarish scenario is simple. When the time calls for fending off frizzy flyaways, whip out your trusty toothbrush, bathe the bristles with a blast of high-shine hairspray, then tamp down the errant hairs by smoothing them upwards into your hairline. This technique is great for instant gratification; one sweep is all it takes to lend your moistureless mane a shampoo ad-worthy sheen. 

So elegant and easy, right? Applications abound for this trick; you can also use the very same toothbrush to tame bushy brows. Here’s how: Starting from the inner corners, brush upwards along the first half of your arch, using the bristles to create a lifted effect; fix hairs in place with some petroleum jelly or clear lip balm. From the highest point of your arch, brush downwards until you reach the tail end of your eyebrow; daub on the same sealant and you’re good to go.  

What you’re doing is essentially combing your hairs in the “right” direction, before holding them down with a stiffening agent. The result of this two-step trick is a supremely soft, uber-natural take on the bold brow trend.

Beauty bonus: Oils are also perfect for taming pesky flyaways; for this purpose, dispense one or two drops between your palms and lightly skim across the surface for a generous shot of shine. Genius, if we say so ourselves. Add this nifty DIY tip to your bag of beauty tricks, and have lots of follicular fun. Cheers!