No one likes an oily, itching and clogged scalp – it makes otherwise beautiful hair look flat and lifeless. Prolonged clogging of the scalp also leads to excessive hair loss in the long-run, which is why scalp detox treatments are necessary to keep hair looking full and healthy.

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Marni Milan Spring 2015

These scalp treatments usually include a massage or two which are perfect for unwinding from a stressful week, the PHS Hairscience Detox Restorative Spa Therapy is one of them.

Here’s my review of the treatment:

PHS Hairscience Detox Restorative Spa Therapy, $348, 150mins

What it is: The Detox Restorative Spa Therapy is the first of a series of three treatments under PHS Hairscience’s Detox, Restabilise, Regrow programme, which is a long-term programme to treat hair loss. (Think: Same concept as a three-step skincare system.)

This one aims to detoxify the scalp by removing toxins and metabolic wastes from the deep tissues of the scalp. It is said to leave individuals with rejuvenated hair cells, nourished roots and a balanced scalp.

Suitable for: The treatment is not just for oily scalp folks, but also for anyone with scalp issues they need to address. It is customisable, depending on what PHS Hairscience consultants recommend for your scalp condition.

My Scalp Condition: The scalp consultation happens before the treatment in a private room. A scalp scan showed hardened sebum clogging the entrance of my hair follicles (the part where the hair grows out from) – I have an oily, dandruff-prone scalp, with no excessive hair loss.

The Process: There are two sections to PHS Hairscience outlets – a spa therapy room and a salon area. The spa therapy room in the Wheelock Place outlet I visited is very cosy with just eight plush massage chairs, and an iPad full of movies and television shows assigned to each one.

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The spa therapy room in the Wheelock Place outlet. Image: PHS Hairscience

To begin, my scalp was first “combed” with a large paddle brush, followed by the application of a scalp mask to detoxify and nourish the hair cells. The mask smelled minty and had a cool, tingly sensation on the scalp. I was then treated to a little scalp massage and an oxygen therapy steam for 20 minutes.

After steaming the scalp, my hair was washed twice with an in-house detox shampoo to get rid of the toxins that had been brought to the surface. Then came the application of a detox scalp serum – this serum was chosen based on my oily dandruff-prone scalp; other serums in the range include sensitive, oil control, and anti-hairloss. They can also be layered over one another, depending on your scalp condition.

The most relaxing part of the treatment starts here – a 15-minute massage for the neck, shoulders and upper back with an essential oil of your choice. Out of the four available – bergamot, lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender – I chose lavender for its calming and de-stressing properties. The therapist soothed and loosened the “knots” in my shoulders, which are usually tense from slouching in front of the computer. (Massage chairs? Who needs them?) Those who are afraid of hard massages, don’t worry, the therapist will ask for your preference on how much pressure they should apply before beginning the massage. 

For better penetration of the serum and blood circulation to the scalp, an Infra-red lamp directed onto the scalp for 20 minutes.

I was then brought outside to the salon area where my hair was blow-dried and styled, ending the treatment.

The results: I left the salon with a refreshed scalp, my hair was a little less flat at the crown and I felt relaxed. The effect lasted for two weeks before I started to notice my scalp slowly going back to its usual state, minus any itching of the scalp, which I had before the treatment.

The hair consultant did however, advise me to treat my scalp every two weeks because of how oily it can get. I also did an argan oil de-frizzing treatment within three days of doing this, which might have affected the results.

All things considered, this refreshing scalp treatment is a relaxing experience that’s well worth your beauty dollar, especially if you want to wind-down after a hectic work week.

PHS Hairscience is located at Ngee Ann City, Plaza Singapura and Wheelock Place. For more information, visit, and follow them on Facebook.

PHS Hairscience was previously known as Phyto Hair Spa.