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Anteprima Milan Spring 15


The Argan Oil Anti-Frizz and Anti-Aging treatment reconstructs unruly, damaged hair and tames frizziness with the use of keratin, amino acids and argan oil. The result is said to be straighter, stronger and softer hair with a lustrous appearance.

This treatment will be customised to suit your hair condition. For extremely unruly hair, FDP (Franz de Paris) Prestige Haircare Creative Director Angeline Tan recommends “super sleek”, which has a straightening effect, but if you love your curls, she says to choose the mildest “soft natural” option to take away the frizz and still keep your hairstyle. Finally, if you want a little bit of both, she recommends “cosme”.

Those with coloured hair can do this too Angeline says that the treatment will not strip the colour off your hair, but enhances its vibrancy instead. Just be prepared to sit in the salon for two to four hours, depending on the length of your hair.


Angeline first did a hair consultation to find out about my haircare routine and the chemical treatments I’ve done in the past. She said that my hair lacked protein and was dry, possibly from using harsh shampoos to deal with my oily scalp. It was also moderately damaged from occasional colouring and a perm treatment I did three months before. For that, Angeline recommended the “cosme” option.

After a hair wash, my hair was sectioned and sprayed with a solution to first balance its PH levels. Then, enzymes in the solution work to break down molecules in the hair, expanding the hair shaft to allow for better absorption of nutritive ingredients used later in the process. This solution was left on for five minutes.

Next, a softening cream with collagen and argan oil was applied to condition the hair and left on for 20 minutes.

Once the softening cream was rinsed off, Angeline applied a mixture of pure argan oil and what she called a “silk surface” think of this like sealant or finishing cream in skincare and left it on my hair for 15 minutes, before blow drying it to end the treatment.


For those looking to straighten their hair, this might be a better option to rebonding. While it doesn’t last as long, it will not damage your hair or give it that stiff straight appearance that rebonding sometimes can.

Those who are sensitive to scents, be glad to know that the items used for this treatment were pretty much odourless, except for one, but it’s nothing compared to the ammonia you smell when you’re colouring your hair.

B results This oil treatment makes my hair feel SO SOFT.png

The results of this treatment were already apparent when the softening cream was rinsed off, I could immediately tell that my hair was straighter and much softer than before. It had a subtle shine, and looked sleek (though a little too straight for my preference, but that’s unavoidable since oil weighs down hair). I could not stop running my fingers through my hair when I got back to the office.

While the softening effects are said to last for about six months, I feel that it’ll only last about three on me, because I’ve gone back to using purifying shampoos that tend to be drying.

So the bottomline is: This treatment is well worth the money, especially if your hair has been subjected to frequent chemical treatments. Just don’t do this a day before Chinese New Year you’ll have to wait 24 hours after your treatment before you can wash your hair.

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