After delivering her fourth child, Sandy found it almost impossible to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy, even after a year of trying.
Her lowered self-esteem made her self-conscious, resulting in frequent calls to check on her husband and even deciding not to attend functions with him, as she felt certain she was losing him to someone more attractive.
Longing to attain her pre-pregnancy figure, Sandy signed up at London Weight Management for a professional slimming solution that guaranteed results.

Drawn to their branding and the convenience of having an outlet near her home, Sandy underwent the Lavender Lipo Therapy Treatment and shed 20kg from her 75kg frame. She now stands at a svelte 55kg.
Proving itself as one of the best in its field, London Weight Management boasts customers who lose up to 8 to 16cm in a single treatment session.

Tailored to each individual, the programme is especially effective at targeting problem areas such as the upper arms, thighs, hips and tummy. Each session lasts 2.5 hours and consists of an Aroma Steam Bath, Lavender Sea Salt Therapy Treatment, and Infrared Warm Blanket.

Aroma Steam Bath (10 to 15 minutes)
Opens pores for better product absorption.
Lavender Sea Salt Therapy Treatment (30 minutes)
This scrub smooths skin by removing dead cells and stimulating blood circulation, as well as reduces water retention and increases metabolic rate.
Infrared Warm Blanket (45 minutes)
Using a heat blanket and trimming ampoules, this treatment is the equivalent of 360 sit-ups and will firm and tone your mid-section.
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