Bored of beiges and browns? If you’ve stuck to the safe and staid route when it comes to your peepers for the past 11 months and counting, please, I urge you, shake things up a little on the makeup front for the happy holidays ahead.

Behold: Unicorn eyeliner! Bless the heart of the ingenious inventor of this makeup micro-trend, which uses the “horn” of the magical mare as the wing of the liner – and yes, the result is every bit as mind-blowingly mesmerising as you’d expect. To wit, here’s exhibit A:


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Want to have a go at reining in your very own unicorn? Just wing it – the sky’s the limit with this look.

As far as application goes, just about any cotton candy colour not found in the natural world will work, but if you have fair skin with cool blue undertones, you may want to opt for fizzy sherbet strawberry or pearlescent pinks to play up your porcelain complexion. Glowy golden goddesses can gun for jewel tones like vivid violets and rich rubies; or stick to safer sunset shades like chestnut copper and burnished bronze. Easy enough, yes?

First order of business: Line your upper and lower lids with a standard black pencil. To apply, use your free hand to pull the eyelid taut for a flatter canvas to work on. Gently graze the tip along the hump-shaped contours of your eye, working it in so that you get a dark, modestly winged tip. This will be the stoic black base for a top layer of fun and fabulosity.

Now for the kaleidoscopic kicker! Grab a couple of liquid liners in glitter-flecked jewel tones and layer it on top of the black.

The overall effect? Insta-Beauty at its most cutesy and captivating. Now, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink . Need more convincing? Take a look at some of these images to get the creative juices jogging, and have fun going about your new My Little Pony adventures!



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