Vichy Stress Resist 72 Hr Anti-Perspirant Treatment While many of us like to exercise and gladly welcome the perspiration that comes with it, few of us are happy about everyday sweating.

Becoming warm and moist all over the body just by walking up the stairs to work, or noticing a damp under-arm patch during an important presentation, is something we’d rather not experience.

And let’s not forget the less than appealing scent. While sweat itself is not the cause of body odour, the bacteria which feeds on the sweat is.

Here are some effective deodorant suggestions.

Vichy Stress Resist 72 Hr Anti-Perspirant Treatment
Super-efficient thanks to a combination of aluminium salts and minerals, this new launch are a safe bet for women who need to feel dry and protected in difficult situations or at the run.

Rexona Maximum Protection
A deodorant supposed to protect you from perspiration and odour for 48 hours. Though it doesn’t work for that long, it does keep you safe for more than 24 hours. Some people find it hard to wash off after a full day’s duty so you might want to save it for special occasions or for the gym.

Kiehl’s Cross Terrain Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick
An often referred to study has discovered that men, on average, start perspiring much more quickly than women, so why not pick this product that offers odour and wetness protection for men? Smells wonderfully fresh and does the job well. © Cover Media