Nicole Scherzinger Herbal Essences
Nicole Scherzinger is “really proud” to be named the newest face of Herbal Essences.

The stunning songstress is famed for her lusciously long raven locks and is thrilled to be working with the hair product giant.

Nicole will appear in Herbal Essences’ print campaigns as well as commercials — some of which will feature her music.

“It’s amazing,” she gushed to People. “I have a big grin on my face and I’m glowing. I’m really proud to be partnered with this brand.

“It’s what I’ve worked so hard for my whole life. Not only to have music as my driving force, but to build my brand and be associated with products I believe in — those that are a direct reflection of who I am.”

Nicole has credited Herbal Essences’ Hello Hydration, Hydralicious and Long Term Relationship as the fail safe product to keeping her regularly-coiffed tresses in perfect condition.

The gorgeous star believes her partnership with the brand is perfectly fitting.

“I always have to change hairstyles, whether it’s being on TV one minute to being on stage the next, then going to dinner or a meeting,” she explained.

“It’s important to keep it hydrated, and use the right products to protect it from the heat.”

Nicole is familiar with the products on offer. The beauty was even giving her styling team advice on the day of the Herbal Essences shoot.

“I know all the mousses, honey,” she quipped.

“Normally people associate mousse with perms, but with this hair, are you kidding me?! Mousse equals volumising.” © Cover Media