Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger has revealed her failsafe dating beauty look.

The stunning singer is currently dating racing car driver Lewis Hamilton, and has described how she likes to look when she’s being wined and dined.

Nicole says less is more when it comes to impressing the opposite sex.

“Probably neutral, peachy lips with smokey eyes. If I’m feeling more confident, I’ll do big lashes and brighter lips,” she explained in an interview with UK magazine Company.

“I love false eyelashes, but otherwise a great mascara does it. Load up the mascara, let it dry, then put on another coat.”

Nicole always looks picture perfect. The 33-year-old has revealed her secrets to looking camera-ready.

“I like it when my cheekbones look dewy – that looks great in photos. Just make sure you keep your T-zone matte with a light powder. Lip liner’s good for making your lips look bigger, and use a good waterproof eyeliner,” she advised.

“It really helps if I’m wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress! They’re very sexy but also ladylike, and the cut means you have to tighten up your core and have really good posture.

“High heels also make you look poised.” © Cover Media