Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger has revealed her regret at dying her hair blonde.

The stunning singer has told of her biggest beauty blunder when she lightened her famously dark locks. Nicole is known for her lusciously long mane, and says she would never dream of making the same mistake.

“I dyed my hair blonde when I was younger and it turned out really brassy and green,” she told UK magazine Look.

“Also, it used to be really popular to wear lipliner that was darker than lipstick. Looking back now, it’s a big beauty no-no.”

Nicole has now switched her beauty focus from hair to nails. The singer says attractive hands are very important in her line of work.

“Nails are a big part of my look; I use my hands a lot when I’m talking, so my nails are on show all the time,” she said. “I think all ladies like to spend time perfecting their hair and makeup and nails are an extension of that.

“My new [imPress] nails give a gel manicure look in seconds and are so easy to use. I like that you can change them easily to match your outfit.”

Nicole revealed what three products she would take with her to a desert island,

“A really moisturising SPF30 to keep my skin ultra-hydrated and protected,” she revealed.

“Coconut oil, because it’s so multifunctional – it’s antibacterial and moisturising, so ideal for island living. Lastly, my Impress press-on nails, so that I’d look a little bit groomed for when the camera crews arrive to rescue me.” © Cover Media