Nicole Richie used to think lip liner would turn her into a “queen”.

The American fashion designer is known for her great looks and always dazzles on the red carpet.

Despite her status as a style icon, the 31-year-old has made some beauty faux pas in the past.

“Remember when we thought iridescent lipstick surrounded by brown lip liner would turn us into a Queen? Or was that just me? (sic)” she mused on Twitter.

The socialite is dedicated to always looking polished and goes to great lengths to stay slim.

One of her favourite tricks is sticking to a juice diet, drinking pressed concoctions full of important vitamins and nutrients.

The pretty star joked about her healthy lifestyle to her Twitter followers.

“Telling people you’re on a juice cleanse is a perfect way to make sure everyone is visualizing you having diarrhea (sic),” she posted.

Nicole is married to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden and together they raise daughter Harlow and son Sparrow.

Despite being a fulltime mom, the fashionista says her style hasn’t changed.

“I wear all the same [types of] things I wore [before motherhood]. I’ll always stay true to me. There’s nothing specific that I’ve changed [because of motherhood],” she recently told People magazine. – © COVER MEDIA