The technology of Ulthera – a non-invasive ultrasound tool to tighten and lift deep skin tissue – has been around for a number of years and is known for its beneficial effects in “lifting” the face while also tightening loose skin in such a way to “refresh” the face rather than making major dramatic changes as a facelift would.

One of the drawbacks, however, has been the inability for the transducer, the handset that directs the ultrasound energy into the face tissue, has been too large, and too strong, for the more delicate parts of the face like the eye area – an area that can certainly benefit from a bit of non-invasive help.

Now the new, new, superficial 1.5mm skin tightening Ulthera Transducer is available in Singapore at the Asia Health Partners clinic in Lucky Plaza, under the direction of Dr Vanessa Phua. Dr Phua has trained extensively in ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine internationally and going from her own ageless complexion (pictured left), Dr Phua certainly knows what she’s doing.

Like all Ulthera transducers, the new, smaller version used ultrasound energy to “damage” the underlying tissues of the face, in this case the eye area, so that natural healing sends increased amounts of collagen to the area, resulting in the “lifting” and “tightening” effect.

The 1.5mm eyelid tip version has undergone a series of trials by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to ensure that the machine does not go too deep and affect the muscles around the eyes. The treatment is said to last for 12 to 15 months – similar to that of a general Ultherapy treatment – and help combat aging around the eyes.

The superficial 1.5mm skin tightening Ulthera Transducer for eyes is currently only available at the Asia Health Partners clinic in Lucky Plaza, under the direction of Dr Vanessa Phua, #05-06 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, Tel: 6235 7888, email: info@asiahealthpartners.com. Go to www.drvanessaphua.com for more information about Dr Phua; and go to www.asiahealthpartners.com for more information about Asia Health Partners.

REVIEW: Having experienced Ultherapy a number of times, I was prepared for the “stinging” sensation of the Ulthera transducer; depending on your pain threshold, this can be compared to as little as a mosquito bit to the bite of sunburn or even, if you really feel pain, perhaps to the attack of a tattoo needle.

However, as the procedure takes only 15 minutes – yes, really – this is easily bearable, no matter your pain limit. You will spend longer having the numbing cream applied and waiting for it to kick in, than you will under the machine.

There is very little redness or discolouration after the treatment; you can actually slap your makeup back on and head to the office in fact.

Like with other Ultherapy treatments, however, you need to ensure that you don’t use any strong facial products like Retin-A or doctor-strength Vitamin C, as you do have miniscule “holes” in the surface of your skin. Also, make sure you use a good sunscreen in the following days, and you can use a slightly richer than usual night cream if you feel any tightening or discomfort.

As for the results? Well, a few weeks after the treatment I didn’t feel as though any great difference had been made, but almost four weeks to the day I saw noticeable lifting, particularly in the upper eyelid area. What had been the beginning of an extra eyelid crease – not a great look if you’ve got double eyelids – had completely disappeared; so too had my slight crowsfeet at the corners of my eyes.

I am completely convinced that technology like Ultherapy has fabulous benefits for general tightening and lifting of your facial tissue – I’ve previously noted that I look definitively younger now that I did 10 years ago; and I also look younger than my younger sister!

The addition of the superficial 1.5mm skin tightening Ulthera Transducer to the arsenal of tools for non-invasive aesthetic procedures is fantastic; now you can match your eye area to the rest of your rejuvenated face.