Cosmetic injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers may now be a little less painful, according to US-based company BellaNovus.

On July 20, the company announced its new line of Ouchless Needle devices – small, disposable needles that numb the injection site while simultaneously cooling the surrounding skin.

Traditional local anesthetic creams on the injection site can take more than half an hour to take effect, but BellaNovus offers a way around this problem, by delivering a “precise stream of numbing vapocoolant to the skin just ahead of the tip of the needle just before the skin is pierced, and does not leave patients with post injection numbness”.

Devising painless needles isn’t a new concept in the medical world. In 2005, two Japanese companies unveiled their joint creation, the Nanopass 33, dubbed the “world’s thinnest needle” and used to inject insulin.

Currently a team of Japanese microengineers is developing a needle modeled after the mosquito’s mouth in an effort to create a less painful prick.

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