Korean idols and celebrities are known for two things. First, the OTT costumes, makeup and hairdos they wear on stage (think Orange Caramel’s sushi roll hair or f(x) Krystal’s dip-dyed hair).

And the second – which is the look we all seem to be after – the natural, off-duty look which frequently involves radiant skin and “effortless” shiny hair.  

Yoon Eun Hye How to wear Korean beauty copper hair colour trend K-Pop idols  celebrities love.png

Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye was sporting a copper hairdo back in May when she was in Singapore. Image: Yoon Eun Hye’s Weibo

There are many ways to nail the second look – watery cushion compacts and weightless fluid foundations seem to do the trick – but here’s one celebs use to add glow to their complexion without the need for makeup: Copper hair.

What is copper hair?
This brightening hair colour is described as a mixture of red and yellow by the team over at L’Oreal Professionnel.

But before alarm bells start ringing – we know copper sounds like a flaming red that is no way office-appropriate – it is actually incredibly versatile, says Justin Javier, Creative International Director at Shunji Matsuo Group. “There are many shades to play with: Light or dark, translucent or rich, intense or close to brown, warm or cool,” says Justin.

Copper hair tones How to wear Korean beauty copper hair colour trend K-Pop idols  celebrities love.png

Image: Shunji Matsuo Group

So depending on the mix, copper hair can look anything from a bright, warm red (left) to the deep, cool brown (right) that’s trending right now.

How to wear the trend
If you’re thinking of trying the look out for yourself, just remember this: Never choose a shade that is too close to your skin tone, says Justin. It could end up making you look dull and sallow instead.

For a quick, foolproof guide, here’s what Justin recommends for each skin tone:

Fair: Choose a medium or a dark copper

Light: Ask for a medium or dark copper like Girls’ Generation’s Soo Young that isn’t too intense

Image: Soo Young’s Instagram account

Medium: Light or dark copper tones work best. (Rihanna offers a great example of how to work them both back in 2013 and earlier this year)

Jourdan Dunn Copper hair example How to wear copper hair colour trend 2015_0.png

Jourdan Dunn looks stunning in copper highlights, too. Image: Jourdan Dunn’s Instagram account

Dark: Try an intense, rich and warm copper

Prolong the colour
Once you’ve gotten the perfect shade, head out to get yourself a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, especially if you have chosen a copper with a warm tone, says Justin. Using them will help extend the “life” of your hair colour and add vibrancy to otherwise lifeless-looking hair when the colour starts to fade.

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