The new game-changing sanitary napkin that will will ease your period woes

Periods can be a pain to deal with – literally and figuratively. From mood swings to debilitating cramps, fatigue, hormonal acne and bloating, it is no wonder we often refer to this monthly affair as the “unwanted visitor”?

Besides the seemingly-endless list of discomforts brought on by periods, a majority of women have also reported to suffer from itching and infection (be it yeast or fungal) caused by uncomfortable sanitary pads and bacteria. Traumatising? We certainly think so.

In light of this, Laurier, the number one brand in Singapore*, introduces a new sanitary protection range that will ease your menstruation woes and make those dreaded periods certainly more comfortable. Laurier Fresh Protect is the brand’s new anti-bacterial care sanitary napkin range that promises to eliminate all the discomfort typically faced when using ordinary sanitary napkins, with the added benefits of natural plant extracts.

What makes Laurier Fresh Protect stand out from other sanitary napkins in the market? For one, the innovative formula is a game-changer. It is developed using the SP+ Anti-bacterial formula from Japan and is infused with natural Clary Sage extracts, which can inhibit up to 99.99%** bacteria growth. Its revolutionary suction-like power can absorb and lock in fluid instantly.

In addition, Laurier Fresh Protect contains natural Clary Sage plant essence, which boast a myriad of therapeutic and health benefits, such as menstrual discomfort relief and odour-prevention – leaving you fresh, dry and protected even during heavy flow days.

Ready to take the first step toward a more comfortable period? Redeem a free two-piece sample of Laurier Fresh Protect (25cm) here! (Redemption ends on 31 October 2019.)

Laurier Fresh Protect is available in five lengths: 22.5cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm with gathers, and 40cm with gathers.

* Laurier’s calculation based in part on sales value data reported by Nielsen through its MarketTrack service for the Sanitary Protection category for the last 8 years period ending MAT December 2018, for the Singapore total grocery market. (Copyright © 2019, The Nielsen Company.)
**Based on test conducted by an external Japanese Independent Research Laboratory. Provides anti-bacterial protection against Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli. Also effectively suppresses Candida albicans.


From now until 31 October 2019, Laurier Fresh Protect is available at a promotional price of two for $10.95 (mix and match) at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets. While stocks last.