Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream b.png

We’re more than open to a discreet doctor’s fix that involves a pinprick or two, but we understand some of our readers might prefer a more natural route to rejuvenation.

For that, the Origins plant doctor will see you now.

The latest hero product from the U.S holistic beauty brand is, according to the delightfully alliterative press copy, a “plant-powered formula to help visibly re-contour and redefine” your facial contours to achieve what Origins dubs a pleasing “heart-shaped” face.

Now, if you’re a square-jawed beauty a la Olivia Wilde, this richly textured cream isn’t going to magically shave inches off your facial profile. Instead, Origins says its Plantscription Powerful lifting cream boasts botanical extracts which help to tighten sagging jowls for a firmer, more youthful looking mien.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (or cream, in this case). Origins says a clinical study has demonstrated that a whopping 92 percent of panelists using the cream displayed “visibly lifted and re-contoured skin in just two weeks”. Other impressive stats worth mentioning: Two weeks of application yielded “69 percent improvement of overall lift and 47 percent improvement of lift in jowl area”.

As with all Origins products, this cream comes packed with the good stuff. There’s exotic Indian commiphora resin sourced from an indigenous Indian tree, a time-honoured ingredient used in mystical Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years. Origins says this resin restores lost skin volume, plumping it up like a shot of hyaluronic acid.

From India, we travel to Africa. The cream is also chock-full of the Plantscription range’s signature age-defying ingredient, an extract gleaned from the bark of the African Anogeissus tree.

To use, simply massage a generous amount of the buttery soft salve into cleansed skin, after your toning lotions and serums. We like to dab a dollop more around areas that need extra loving, like around our delicate lip and nose area. Here’s to younger-looking skin!

Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream, $110 for 50 ml, is available at all Origins counters. For more information, visit and follow Origins Singapore on Facebook.