Natural beauty tips Céline Naissant has written a book called Mes secrets de beauté au naturel, which means My natural beauty secrets, and contains product recipes which use the basics everyone has at home.

“You need to know the benefits of the food you have in your kitchen. You need to know what you eat because what you eat will give you good or bad skin,” she explained.

Here are some of her recipes for perfect skin, whether yours is dry or oily.
Dry skin
“To nourish dry skin, you can simply use the olive oil you have in your kitchen, the same one used to prepare vinaigrette. Olive oil is really good, it will reinforce and nourish the skin and it helps regenerate and protect too. This is an oil you can use from head to toe. You just have to apply it on your body. In Morocco, women use Argan oil because it protects the skin from all weather conditions. It’s a country where it is very hot during the day but quite cold at night. This oil is going to soften your skin, in the same way that olive oil will.”
Oily skin
“Sometimes, you buy more food than you need but don’t throw things out straight away, you can use some food to create beauty products. If you have an avocado which is a little bit too ripe, transform it into a mask. To nourish your skin, just crush the avocado and put it on your face. During summer, when the sun is really hot, I mix an avocado with egg yolk for a face mask because it gives more protection.

“If you have blackheads on your nose, use the skin of a banana. Rub it on your nose and it will make the blackheads pop out more easily. You just have to pick them afterwards, which will stop you getting a red nose and a scar!

“Rice flour is another great natural beauty secret when you have oily skin. Everyone knows about rice papers, but they are quite expansive. If you have rice flour in your kitchen, you can make a mask with it. Mix the flour with yoghurt – one which isn’t too fatty – just to add a moisturising element. You can mix rice flour with a mashed up strawberry too, which helps exfoliate skin. And of course, you can add some clay to the mask, which is the perfect product for oily skin.”
The little tip for every skin type
“Everyone says that Chinese girls have beautiful skin, which is true. They’ve got a secret which I also practice. I use an egg white as a facial – I spread it on my face. Then I let it dry until it looks like clear plastic. I take it off with tepid water. It tightens the pores and gives a rejuvenating effect.” © Cover Media