The Spring Summer shows might be on at the moment, but it’s just the perfect time of year to bust out the Fall/Winter manicures, even if sweater weather is never going to happen in Singapore. Keen on getting your Fall on with these manis? Take the pictures with you to a nail salon or attempt them yourself at home

FW 16 nail trends - matte black
#1 Matte black [Angelo Marani]
A matte finish gives these black nails a more understated elegance, made even more dainty by the surprise pop from the 3D floral accent nail. A matte black is easy enough to achieve on your own too, especially if you’ve already got a matte top coat.


FW 16 nail trends - 3D flower nails
#2 3D floral embellishments [Antonio Marras]
I love statement nails such as this striking example of 3D art which, while not so practical for everyday wear, is really fun to try for special occasions. They definitely require some professional help, and might be a bit tedious to invest in for DIY purposes.


FW 16 nail trends - vampy nails
#3 Vampy red [Genny]
Dark wine-red nails are a regular occurrence on the Fall-Winter runways, and also look really good on short nails. The best part? They work with any skin tone.


FW 16 nail trends - foiled nails
#4 Distressed foil [Jd Fashion Show]
I love the grungy vibe of these nails – perfect for looking like you don’t give a damn, but also sure to grab lots of attention at the same time. Foil nails are really easy to do, but if you’re not up to sourcing the materials for yourself, we know there will be a nail salon that’s up to the task.


FW 16 nail trends - amber nails
#5 Amber [Jean Paul Gaultier]
I love the warmth of amber. The colour alone makes me think of brown leaves and (non-existent) fireplaces. It’s a fairly unique shade that’s flattering on almost every skin tone, too. 


FW 16 nail trends - inverse manicure
#6 Reverse French [Julien Macdonald]
Typical French manicures are a foolproof classic, but can come off as oh-so boring if you’re in the mood for some drama. For weddings? Sure, but they’re definitely not festive or fashionable enough if you want to make an impact. I love the contrast of black tips instead of white, and they’re really easy to do yourself.


FW 16 nail trends - navy polka dots
#7 Navy polka dots [Ohne Titel]
Polka dots make for a really fun manicure. The navy and white give it great contrast without looking too bright. All you really need to replicate this look is a toothpick and two nail polish hues.


FW 16 nail trends - pumpkin nails
#8 Pumpkin coloured nails [Pascal Millet]
Unless you live in an area with a big expat population, chances are you won’t be celebrating Halloween (aside from USS horror nights and the occasional themed party). Pumpkin coloured nails look warm and spicy, which sounds pretty festive to me.


FW 16 nail trends - fuzzy nails
#9 Fuzzy nails [Stella Jean]
If you can’t go outdoors in fuzzy sweaters, you can at least wear them on your nails. There are a few nail brands that roll out DIY textured nail polish, especially around the holidays, so keep an eye out if you’re passing through Sephora. The only downside is that they don’t last very long, because you can’t apply a topcoat over it without ruining the texture.


FW 16 nail trends - greige
#10 Cool greige nails [Suno]
Greige was a big colour trend last year, especially when it came to interior design. On the beauty side of things, Bobbi Brown launched a greige makeup collection that I fell in love with, and it had a nail shade similar to this. The cool greyish brown is a rather refreshing shade, perfect for “winter” and the holidays.

Images: Showbit