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Don’t just leave your nails bare this Chinese New Year. Painting your nails in your lucky hue is one of the simplest and not to mention most tasteful ways to wear your auspicious hue without getting decked out in the same shade from head to toe. Read on to find out what is your lucky colour for the Year of the Dog based on predictions from The Chinese Zodiac, plus get some gorgeous nail art ideas for inspiration.


White: lucky colour for Rat, Horse and Pig


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For those born in the year of the Rat, Horse and Pig, choose a manicure with white in it to bring in the good luck. Recreate this minimalistic black and white design with some tape and steady hands.


Yellow: lucky colour for Ox, Rabbit and Goat


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Sometimes all you want is a simple manicure with a couple of accent nails. Cop Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang’s fuss-free accent nail manicure look by painting your entire nail with a light base colour like white before creating a grid pattern with a tooth pick and nail polish of a darker colour like green.


Black: lucky colour for Snake and Rooster


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It might be a taboo to wear black during the festive season but a manicure design with the colour black in it is a subtle way to keep lady luck shining on you without getting disapproving stares from your elders. This dark black based mani is stunning if you are looking for something more glam. Matte black nails make a great base that will make any rhinestone or gem stand out.


Mint: lucky colour for Tiger and Monkey


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This nail design is perfect if you don’t want to go full-on metallic with your nails. The silver artwork against the pastel mint nail looks sweet and chic.


Blue: lucky colour for Dog and Dragon

Lucky for those born in the year of the Dog and Dragon, blue is the lucky colour for you – so your manicure wouldn’t look too out of place even after Chinese New Year. If you’re not into freehand designs, try this white polka dot pattern stamped over a blue glitter nail bed. To recreate the polka dot pattern, gently dip the rounded end of a bent bobby pin into your nail varnish before dabbing it onto your nails.