Nail art designs that will lift your mood and make you feel happy

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A fresh manicure or pedicure just makes you feel happier. But did you know that certain colours and designs can influence your emotional state as well?

Andrew J. Elliot, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, noted in his paper on colour and psychological functioning, that different colours have different effects on how we feel. Yellow, for example, is said to be optimistic and uplifting while pink is thought to be fun and lively.

Imagine wearing colours like these on your nails – and the impact it could have on your mood. So whether you need a little pick-me-up, or are just trying to stay positive, we have the nail art designs to give your mood a boost.  

1. The sky’s the limit



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If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this dreamy nail art design will make you want to lie on the beach and watch the clouds go by.  

Psychologists from Creighton University in the US found that looking at blue hues can help reduce anxiety amongst participants presented with challenging tasks. They associated the colour blue with being calm, mindful and slowing down, in general.

2. Groovy, baby



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We naturally gravitate to curved shapes over razor-sharp angles and lines. In 2010, neuroscientists from Johns Hopkins University showed a variety of sculptures to test subjects – some curved and solid, and others, sharp and angled.

Whenever the subjects looked at the curved shapes, brain activity spiked, showing that the brain found these shapes stimulating.   

It stands to reason, then, that the scalloped detailing on these nails can positively impact your mood as well.

3. Green fingers



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Studies have found that we associate the colour green with happiness, comfort, hope, excitement and a sense of peace and tranquility. The hue also represents the rite of spring, when everything is blooming and new.  

A simple way to reap the benefits of living a “greener” life is through this pretty two-tone manicure in green

4. Animal planet



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It’s no secret that most people enjoy looking at cute images – there are more than 1 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #cutepets.  

It seems that these pictures are more than just eye candy. A team from Hiroshima University in Japan discovered that cute pictures of animals actually help people focus better.

This quirky cat nail art will not only help you with your concentration but have you smiling every time you look at your nails.

5. Flower power



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Who doesn’t love a pretty floral mani? Harvard researchers found that having fresh flowers at home is an effective way to stave off feelings of anxiety and negativity. The subjects in that study also felt more compassionate toward others and were more energetic at work.

If you don’t have green fingers, fret not, this daisy nail art design will do the trick.

6. The ripple effect



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We love the way this chic, minimal nail art design combines bright greenish-blue and turquoise sequins.

Just like how the natural rhythm of the ocean has a calming effect on your senses, the seascape motif is also popular for much the same reason. It reminds you to slow down and appreciate what’s around you.