N: I’ve just changed to a moisturising base and liquid foundation combination, as I realised I needed more coverage for my combination-type skin. I previously wore a powder foundation, but that seemed to fill all the small wrinkles on my face and was quite drying. But ever since I swapped, I’ve found that I am sweating profusely from my face! Is this caused by the new products? How can I get better coverage and a smoother look with a powder-type foundation?

Melissa: Generally, a two-way cake powder foundation is more likely to emphasise fine lines and wrinkles on your face compared to liquid or cream types. However, if you want to stick to two-way cakes without that nasty side-effect, you can try these tricks:

1) Ensure skin is well hydrated with a moisturiser appropriate for your skin type. Apply liberally and allow a couple of minutes for it to be absorbed – until skin is dry to the touch – before applying the two-way cake.
2) Apply only where necessary. Avoid swiping it over your entire face. Use only to cover, say, a blemish, a pigmentation spot or discolourations around the nose. Most of the time your cheeks and forehead don’t need a thick layer of foundation.
3) An instant wrinkle filler (like Good Skin Labs Tri-Aktiline, Shu Uemura Signs-Off Instant Replenishing Line Smoother, La Prairie Gold Illusion Line Filler)  is made up of silicone that ‘fill-in’ lines and wrinkles. They create an even, smooth texture so that foundation doesn’t sit in those little cracks, emphasising them. Some makeup bases (like Sisley Instant perfect, M.A.C Prep+Prime Line Filler) have this texture-smoothing function too.
As for your disastrous effect from your moisturising base/liquid foundation combination, I honestly can’t fathom how or why that has happened. Perhaps you applied them too thick, and/or you were doing vigorous exercise?

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