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THE CLAIMS: Biore says its new Marshmallow Whip Extra Moist Facial Wash forms a fine foam that fizzes with up a massive 800 percent more “microbubbles” compared to other conventional cleansers in its class. Developed for dehydrated skin, it’s shot through with the Japanese beauty brand’s signature Skin Purifying tech, which is supposed to nudge distressed skin towards a more natural 28-day shedding cycle. Objective: Regular renewal, smoother skin.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The adorably rotund receptacle is ribbed at the edge, making it easy to grapple with in a slippery shower. Other thoughtful touches I like: The handy dispenser, which is a cinch to use with its generously girthed paddle-shaped pump; and the remarkable restraint in design, at least for Biore – no sparkly stuff stinking up the joint. Guys won’t be self-conscious whipping this out at the gym.

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WHY I LOVE IT: The proof is in the pudding, or marshmallow if you like: Each pump yields a deliciously dense, ping pong-sized ball of bubbly goodness. I’m a sucker for sensuality when it comes to most stuff – give me loveliness or give me death! – so  I’m happy to report that Biore’s Marshmallow Whip passes muster on all counts.

To wit: The suds are supremely soft, which is great for the glide factor – very important in preserving the integrity of your skin. Insider tip-off: One of my favourite face painters in the business swears by this product. Why? The perfectly pillowy clouds don’t pull at your skin, so you don’t rack up cumulative “drag”, which in turn means you’ll maintain the youthful suppleness of your hide.

This is especially good for evenings when I can’t work up the will to follow through with my usual seven-step regime. I massage this “neat” into grimy, post-workday skin; on said sad nights you’ll find me curled up on the couch, filthy foamy mess on face, until I’ve finally summoned up the strength to step into the shower …

That said, a minute or so of gentle swirling on damp cheeks and forehead really does make good on the brand’s promise of removing everyday makeup, although a pre-cleansing massage of your go-to facial oil is probably par for the course for budge-proof glitter.

Exceedingly easy on the pocket and charmingly childlike without being juvenile, the otherwise gimmicky “marshmallow” conceit makes actual sense here, in that cleansing really ought to be a cushiony affair. All told, I’ll like to think that this modest little treat has given me scrumptiously soft skin.

All that’s missing from the picture? A hot chocolate date to go with my marshmallow mien. Would-be suitors, form a queue to the left, please.

GET IT AT: $13.90 for a 150 ml pump bottle, $10.90 for 130 ml refill pack at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets. For more information, visit and follow Biore Singapore on Facebook.