Must-try tips for a lucky red lip look on CNY! Burberry beauty B1.png

Why, hello there, red-hot Mama! Image: Burberry

This sexy little bullet is the stuff of #throwback Channel 8 dramas, contemporary cocktail bars in the CBD – and Chinese New Year house visits.

I’m speaking, of course, about a classic rich red lippie, which is as timeless, titillating and lucky as a cosmetic item can get. Red, after all, is the very essence of fire and fortune in Chinese culture – and a colour that’s guaranteed to earn you a grudging nod of approval from Grandma.

Cowed by the prospect of looking clownish? Here’s what I think is the perfect way of pulling off a red lip, courtesy of everyone’s favourite fashion-slash-beauty brand, Burberry.

Must-try tips for a lucky red lip look on CNY! Burberry beauty B2.png

Hat-tip to makeup artistic consultant Wendy Rowe, whose reassuringly gravelly voice lays it out clear as day: pat on a creamy concealer to even out blotch lips; line your pout with a pencil in a complementary red; then swipe on your star product straight from the bullet. Just three steps. Easy-peasy.

While we’re at it, may I just add that I’m absolutely besotted with the Burberry Lip Cover she’s using? The gorgeous gel-type formula comes with fortifying oils and comforting ceramides; the latter being one of the most underrated anti-aging agents out there, in my opinion.  

The runway-to-realway Ruby hue used in this tutorial is also fantastic for just about all skin tones: Rich enough to add a dash of decadent sophistication without veering into vampy territory. “Berry” beautiful indeed.

Must-try tips for a lucky red lip look on CNY! Burberry beauty B3.png

Of course, this video also throws in a ton of other top tips for your eyes and skin – the blusher palette is particularly covetable, and there’s this bit about priming your eye socket that’s incredibly ingenious – so go on and click “play”.

Oh, and for bonus reading, load up on my top tricks for making your newly red lip last through an afternoon of bakkwa and pineapple tarts. Enjoy, and brace yourself for the compliments from your relatives come Chinese New Year. Jiayou!

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