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Pantone’s colour picks for fall 2018 will be on everyone’s lips

In order to truly embrace Pantone’s picks for the fall season, we’ve rounded up the best Mellow Rose and Red Pear hue lipsticks

When it comes to colour trends, no one runway show can touch the benchmark reports released by each fashion week by the colour authority Pantone. Pantone, which named Ultraviolet as the colour of 2018 earlier this year, has analysed upcoming trends and put together an authoritative list of the autumnal colours to watch as we enter the cooler months.

The Pantone fall 2018 colours are designed to capture the richness and depth of what you see in a beautiful forest during the fall season.

The colours are rich and earthy, but refreshingly light. Of the colours highlighted by Pantone, we want to shine the spotlight on two hues - Pantone 19-1536 Red Pear and Pantone 15-1515 Mellow Rose that are both wearable and stunning on the lips. Get ready for fall with Red Pear and Mellow Rose as these lip products are the season’s must-have colours.


Red Pear

Photo: Pantone 

This mysteriously rich colour leads the lineup of the Pantone fall 2018 colour trends. A shade shy of maroon, this hue is described by Pantone as a “deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.” It is a soft yet decadent burgundy with ample cool purplish undertones.

Red Pear is one of those rare colours that you can apply without taking your skin tone into consideration. It’s so saturated that it’s more about creating beautifully sculpted lips, more than anything. Here are our top picks for your pear-usal.


Mellow Rose

Photo: Pantone 

Mellow Rose is a soft dusty pink shade that is unique to the London fall 2018 colour trends lineup. This is one of the softest of the fall colours proposed by Pantone.

This unconventional fall hue has been described by Pantone as a “beloved traditional English shade (that) adds unexpected intrigue.” This more muted pink with a mauve undertone acts as the perfect neutral for darker complexions. Here are some of our favourite mellow rose lippies.