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The Most Wanted: Space-inspired Skincare – for Earth

NAC Y2, an antioxidant formula for astronauts – to treat wounds and scars, and stimulate the body’s natural repair system – is in every 111skin product

The original product that launched the brand: 111skin Y Theorem Repair Serum. It's not available in Singapore, instead a lighter version, the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum, which is more easily absorbed will be sold. Price: $380.
Photography Darren Chang Styling Shan


What do you do when a very elite customer – say, a member of Middle Eastern royalty – cancels a huge order of a high-end cream from your store? Well, if you’re Selfridges in London, you call her to find out why. 

This happened to the iconic British department store, which was informed by the customer that she was using a serum from her cosmetic surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, instead. Working with scientists from a Russian space programme, he’d created a skin-reparative product (then called Dramatic Healing Serum) for his patients’post-treatment care. 






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Victoria's Secret angel Elsa Hosk is among 111skin's fans.


Selfridges visited the doctor, but he only had that one product. Harrods then stepped into the picture, saw the potential of a single serum growing into a skincare brand, and helped the doctor do that. This was how 111skin, named after the doctor’s 111 Harley Street practice, was launched in London in 2012. 

Aside from the original product, now called Y Theorem Repair Serum (its original name was Dramatic Healing Serum – and actresses Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Olsen, and Sadie Frost are among its fans), 111skin now has five anti-ageing ranges: Reparative, Intensive, Prescriptive, Regenerative, and Treatment.

Singapore will only carry the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum ($380, 30ml) and not the original serum as the brand deems the lighter version to be more suitable for our humid climate. The product works the same way – you just get a lighter texture that gets absorbed into the skin more readily. At the moment, 25 products out of the entire range will be available locally, and you can view them here. This British brand lands exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren on Jan 10, 2018.