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H&M just dropped their first ever fragrance line at ‘House of Notes’ pop-up store

With three distinct groups and 25 different scents, H&M Beauty have left no stone unturned with their first ever fragrance collection

H&M new fragrance launch House of Notes

Situated outside Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road - ‘House of Notes’ pop up store showcases high street giant H&M’s newest releases - fragrances.

They have (finally), ventured into the world of perfume by releasing a 25 scent collection, in collaboration with one of the world’s leading perfume houses Givaudan, to complement their existing beauty pieces.

The greenhouse inspired pop-up store, open to the public until Sunday (Oct 14), aims to deliver an immersive experience for shoppers and allows you to try out all the scents along with the two-year-old H&M Beauty collection.

What’s great about this pop-up is that you don’t have that dreaded buy-then-try experience. You can test every single one of the 25, over and over if you wish, before you choose what best suits your mood, personality and style.

The scents have been dissected into three distinct groups - all with different aims and pricing points. There are 10 Single Notes, 10 Reveries and 5 Essences to choose from - or not, if you plan on buying them all. No judgement here. 

Sara Wallander, the concept designer behind H&M Beauty, says: “Customers can play around with the different fragrances across the three groups, to find a scent they love and identify with. It’s like building personal style, which is always a fun and exciting journey.”


The Single Notes

Priced at $8.95 per bottle, these are designed to be mixed ‘n’ matched, layered and re-worked to create new scents. Creating a totally personalised fragrance experience, you can experiment with the 10 single note scents as many ways as you wish. We warn you now, 'Chocolate' is darn strong and will make you want to eat a sweet treat, while T-Shirt smells like fresh laundry and you’ll want to bulk-buy and spray your entire closet with it. #Justsaying.


The Reveries

The Reveries, also known as everyday wear, come as complete fragrances that are suitable for your daily routine. In EDT ($24.95) and body mist format, these scents are already a concoction of blended fragrances that deliver the ‘feels’ we all look to when we choose our next smell. There are 10 Reveries to choose from and we liked the sweet-smelling 'Freewheeling' best.



The Essences

The powerful five are EDP and based on quality key ingredients such as sandalwood and rose. Coming in at $44.95 each, you can also purchase a cheaper roll-on oil version as a handy go-to in your handbag. Essences are only available exclusively at H&M Orchard Building.

Need any more reasons to pop down? Enjoy 20 per cent off every second item purchased with each fragrance purchased at the pop-up store.