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Chinese New Year is around the corner. We’ve got some tips from celebs Jeanette Aw and Evelyn Tan on how to look your best for the festivities.

Plus, they share their CNY prep and routines, and also how they go foundation-free when visiting.


Jeanette Aw


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1. How do you feel about CNY approaching?
It has always been a period of time where I can really rest and have at least a couple of off days. The nature of my job is such that I do not have off days and public holidays, so I embrace CNY as a time for rest and spending it with family.

2. How do you prep yourself for CNY?
There is no particular way that I prep for CNY because I'm usually just too busy with work. I do not do the usual shopping for new year goodies or even shopping for new clothes. I buy clothes through the year and sometimes don't even have the chance to wear them. So most often than not, I always do have new outfits for the new year (at least that is covered). But I like to go to Chinatown and walk around and feel the CNY vibes all around me, if time permits.

3. Which is the most memorable CNY you've ever had?
Most CNYs are about the same for me. There isn't one that is the best, but there is one that is a different experience because I was sent overseas for work and spent CNY away from home, alone. So, I wouldn't classify that as the best, not at all, but memorable in a different way. I spent it with other Singaporean friends so that wasn't so bad.

4. Do you typically do a lot of visiting?
Nope, I don't have to do much visiting. My parents know I'm burnt out from filming, so they like it that I’m at home and it’s ok if I stay at home. Visiting isn't mandatory for me.


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5. In terms of your appearance, what do you do to prep for CNY? What makeup look do you usually go for?
On my off days I don't put on much makeup, this is something everyone knows. For me, it's really a moment to take a break. As for my usual look, I like a lip balm or nude/neutral lips, I rarely go for red lips unless it's an event. My usual makeup is very minimal, even when filming, I don't use foundation. On my usual day of rest, which includes CNY, I go almost barefaced, there isn't a great difference in terms of makeup just because it's CNY. As such, good skin is important to me. I believe that good complexion is the best canvas for anything, makeup or going barefaced.

6. Are you strict with your diet during CNY?
I love my food. I never restrict myself ever, I just exercise regularly to keep fit and tone.

7. You do some ClearSK facial treatments to keep your skin radiant, what do you like about it?
I like it that it's non-invasive, doesn't have down time, and shows immediate results. I have never done any laser treatments before, ClearSK is my very first experience, previously I just go for my usual facials once in a blue moon. I like it that it is gentle and works to enhance your natural skin, not making drastic changes to the face, no needles, nothing invasive.