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How to smell like a French woman

The latest fragrance by French luxury label Hermès, Twilly d’ Hermès, mirrors the spirit of the young Parisian woman and is fun, effortless and free

So what is it about French women?

Whether it’s the blemish-free complexion, minimalist chic wardrobe, red lips or the effortless tousled hair, there’s no denying that French women have that certain effortless je ne sais quoi everyone seems to covet.

All we need really need to know is how to capture that same essence…without having to buy an eau de parfum from a small town in Marseille. Which may not be always possible, but thankfully (for us non-Frenchies), we’ve found the new best thing: Twilly d’ Hermès.

Getting your hands on something from French luxury label Hermès requires a long waiting list and months of saving up. But finally, here’s something under $250 that will transport you to France in just one spritz.

Twilly d’ Hermès is the third fragrance concocted by in-house perfumer Christine Nagel, after Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate and Galop d’ Hermès. The inspiration behind this scent? The brand’s iconic Silk Twilly Scarf. The scarf also happens to be a popular purchase amongst those who are new to the Hermès. Through her fragrance, she hopes to acquaint a new generation of women with the luxury house.


Playful, energetic and bold

This fragrance isn’t your typical French floral perfume with gourmand and powdery notes. It’s much lighter – more fun, effortless and free, mirroring the spirit of young Parisian women.

The feminine yet daring scent boasts top notes of spicy ginger, heady tuberose at its centre and base notes oriental sandalwood and sensual vanilla.

To make you feel even more Parisian (without breaking the bank), the bottle is adorned with an elegant miniature Twilly that you can tie around purse or hair.

The Twilly d’ Hermès EDP retails for $107 (30ml), $159 (50ml) and $221 (85ml). It is available in Hermès stores, department stores and authorised perfumeries.