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The best beauty brands for the men in your life

Introduce the men in your life to these skincare and makeup (yes, makeup) products this Father’s Day, because who doesn’t want to look good?

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Just like how you should switch up your skincare products to meet your skin needs every day – an extra dose of hydrating serum when your skin is feeling tight or dry, or a brightening moisturiser when you’ve had a later-than-usual night – men should use skincare products tailored for them because studies have shown that their skin is different from women’s. For example, their skin is thicker, they generally have more sebum (which is influenced by hormones), and they are more prone to facial wrinkles. That’s why they need more dedicated skincare rather than just swiping a few dollops of your moisturiser. This Father’s Day, pamper your Dad or husband by getting him something from any of these 12 beauty brands, which have specially curated ranges for men.


1. Clinique For Men

American beauty brand Clinique introduced a skincare line for men in 1976, just eight years after it was founded, making it one of the frontrunners in men’s skincare products. Its paraben-, phthalate- and fragrance-free formulas make it generally suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Besides face scrub, cleansers, mattifying moisturisers and lotions, the range also includes an aftershave lotion to soothe skin since shaving can cause skin irritation.


2. Boy de Chanel

Makeup has always been marketed to women or as gender neutral (like what makeup brands such as Make Up For Ever and M.A.C Cosmetics have done), so it was refreshing to see a global brand like Chanel come up with a makeup line specially targeted at men, telling them that it’s OK to dab a bit of foundation to even out skin tone, or a bit of lip balm to get more kissable lips, or to groom their brows to look even more presentable. And that’s just it. Three products for the most minimalist (and makeup-squeamish) man.


3. House 99


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Just to make sure you’re aware – yes, it takes time and effort to look as (ironically) effortlessly polished as David Beckham. That’s why his beauty brand, created in partnership with beauty giant L’Oreal, also has a moisturising cream made specifically for tattoos – on top of having the usual skincare and hair products. The Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturising Cream has SPF 50 to preserve the original colours of your man’s tattoo ink from damaging UV rays. Its formula is lightweight, water-resistant, enriched with Vitamin E, fragrance- and paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and safe for sensitive and tattooed skin. So think again when you think a woman’s skincare routine is high-maintenance, okay?


4. Laneige Homme

The pioneer in sleeping masks, South Korean cosmetics brand Laneige also has a men’s skincare line. The collection is pared down and minimalist, with two anti-ageing products, four hydrating ones, and two oil-controlling products. Perfect for men who are looking to start a skincare routine, and the fuss-free ones who have no patience to layer on 10 products after getting out from the shower.


5. Dior Homme Dermo System

We bet when French brand Dior Homme comes to mind, you’re picturing impeccably made suits and models with jawlines that could cut glass, and not so much a preventive- and anti-ageing skincare line. But that’s what the Dior Homme Dermo System range is, packaged into rectangular, futuristic-looking bottles. With a cleanser, aftershave lotion, two emulsions for different skin needs, and an eye serum, this is the skincare line for tastemakers.