We may not have flying cars or hoverboards yet, but the future, when it comes to skincare is definitely bright.

Between gadgets that clean out your pores deeper than ever to acne-fighting LED gizmos that costs less than a pair of shoes, our skin has the potential to look better than ever.


Foreo UFO, $408


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As if our obsession with masking wasn’t enough, Foreo created a device that will take the masking experience to a whole new level.

You put a palm-sized Foreo mask of your choice into the device, sync it with your phone and go through a treatment that includes LED light therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy (cold and hot settings), and T-sonic pulsations, which allow the ingredients in the mask to penetrate deeper and work harder.


NUFACE NuBody Skin-Toning Device, US$400


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While NUFACE’s gadget for the face has heaps of fans, their new NuBody Skin-Toning Device is the first FDA-cleared microcurrent device for at-home use on the body.

The tool promises to visibly tone and firm body skin and contour the silhouette using metal spheres to channel electric waves through the skin.


reVive Light Therapy® Poof Acne Treatment, US$19.99


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Forget about an LED product that costs over $200, this compact FDA-approved tool supposedly stops breakouts in their tracks while you’re on the go.

You don’t need to run home to get a spot treatment for an offending zit, just zap it in seconds wherever you are.


Neutrogena Skin360 and SkinScanner Powered by FitSkin, US$59.90


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You may have to get someone who’s traveling back from the US to buy this baby for you, but skin geeks will love it.

This little white attachment connects to your phone and lets you analyse your skin’s hydration, pore size, and formation of fine lines, using a 30-times magnification camera and moisture sensor to provide information you’d otherwise need one of those advanced skin analysis machines to procure.

The corresponding app would then suggest Neutrogena products to improve your score for each category, but tell us you don’t think this is next level cool?!


Dyson Airwrap Styler


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You’ve seen the videos on social media, and the Dyson Airwrap Styler does look like something out of NASA, doesn’t it?

No more burning your fingers or your face on a hot curling iron because this device attracts and wraps hair using something called the the Coanda effect.

Get this: It uses nothing more than jet air flow to attract sections of hair and wrap it around the heated core to effectively style it.