Fancl Nano Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

Regardless of whether you have oily or dry skin, it is important to keep your skin’s moisture levels balanced. Besides sticking to your regular skincare regime, you can now keep your skin moisturised from within with Fancl’s latest Nano Hyaluronic Acid Supplements.

If you are what you eat, then take one of these tiny tablets daily to keep your skin’s moisture concentration stable for healthier skin.

Formulated with moisture-inducing ingredients such as Nano Hyaluronic Acid, N-acetylglucosamine and Ceramide, these supplements are said to strengthen your skin’s barrier function to prevent moisture loss as well as to improve moisture retention.

Fancl Nano Hyaluronic Acid retails for $40 for a 30 day supply. Do take note that these supplements are not suitable for pregnant women, lactating women, and children. It is also not recommended for those allergic to seafood as it contains N-acetylglucosamine derived from seafood extracts.