Hanne Gaby Odiele believes fish oil is the key to great skin.

The model is famed for her campaigns for Mulberry, Balenciaga, Vera Wang and DKNY Jeans.

The Belgian beauty also dashes between shows at the various fashion weeks, coping with thick makeup that could easily cause break-outs.

Hanne has revealed her secret to keeping her skin looking flawless.

“I do think that cleaning your skin after every show helps, and also drinking litres of water,” she told Style.com. “I’m blessed with good genes, though, and almost never break out. But I do take fish oil supplements, which help with skin, hair – and the brain too!”

The model also has to cope with many punishing hairstyles.

Last season Hanne invited a camera crew to follow her around the Fall fashion shows in New York. The film captured her hair being exposed to 450-degree hair irons, having 127 inches of hair extensions glued to her scalp, which were ripped out after the show, and at least 25 blow outs.

The blonde admits that the constant heat and styling does cause damage to her tresses.

However, she has a few products and tips that she swears by.

“Usually I wash my hair with the Resistance line from Kérastase. When it’s extra dry I use Kérastase’s Chronologiste,” Hannah explained. “I always travel with its serum, Fibre Architecte and the Bain de Force Shampoo. Also, I was told to sleep with hair masks in and rinse them out in the morning for maximum effect. © Cover Media