Good old Mickey Mouse is hitting the big 9-0 this month (November 18). The world’s most iconic cartoon character has been a mainstay for countless generations and is still as loved as before, when he first appeared in the short “Plane Crazy.”

If you’re a Mickey devotee, you probably already have a tattoo decrying your superfan status, hoarded every beauty collection with the anthropomorphic mouse on it, and have even dressed as Mickey for Halloween.

To flaunt your Mickey fever and celebrate the character’s major milestone, flaunt some Mickey-inspired nail art. Crib inspiration from these adorable ones we found, just show them to your manicurist.


Red and gold


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The gold Mickey Mouse outline keeps this design sophisticated, while the red polish gives it a touch of vampiness.

A grown-up version of Mickey if you will. The easiest way to recreate the outline of Mickey’s head is to use a nail sticker. Just remember to add a protective topcoat to seal it to your nails.


Spot on


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If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can also dot using polish then create clean, miniature dots on your nails with the tip of a ballpoint pen.

However, make sure you use an empty pen to get a cleaner look and flawless finish.


Suit up


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You don’t have to wish upon a star to get this nail design. All it takes is some tape, a dotting tool, three nail varnish colours and practice.

Start off by painting your nails with a black nail polish. You want to make sure your base coat is completely opaque for this look.

If it’s very sheer, apply two coats. Allow your nails to dry completely between each coat. Apply a piece of scotch tape to the nail, leaving the tip exposed.

Go over the tip with red nail polish. Because the tape is in place, you don’t have to worry about painting on a straight line.Top it all off with two white dots to mimic the design of Mickey’s iconic red trousers.


Glitter is the new black


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Instead of using a black nail polish, a black glitter nail varnish makes for a great base coat for your design to pop.

If you want the glitter to go on in a thick, opaque coat, paint the corner of a makeup sponge with a generous amount of glitter polish and dab it delicately onto your nails.

To create the Mickey Mouse outline, make one big dot and two smaller dots for the ears. 


Icing on top


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Keep things subtle and chic and opt for a nude colour. By painting the Mickey on the corner of just one nail, it’s extremely elegant.

You can also have a accent nail in a complementary shade to add visual interest.If you can’t decide which finger to accent, the pinky, middle or index finger are all great options.