Michelle Phan is a pint-sized wonder. She’s constantly on the move, speaks at a gazillion words per minute and is super focused.

“I’m always working – 24/7. Whether I’m on Twitter, Instagram, filming a video or updating my Facebook, I’m always working to create more content, all the time, “ Phan replied when asked about her life.

It’s no wonder that she made a name for herself in a span of less than 6 years.

The self-taught makeup guru whose channel is the most-subscribed beauty channel on Youtube was in town for the Color Artistry made easy by Lancome, and graced the event as the first-ever official video makeup artist for the brand.

When we met the 25-year-old in the flesh, we were surprised at how petite she was. Dressed in a studded denim jacket, neon yellow lace top and an asymmetrical teal maxi skirt, she was a picture of perkiness, although according to her, “I slept at 5am, only ‘cause I seem to be able to fall asleep when everyone else is down. I’m still a little jetlagged though.”

Sporting a full dark plum lip shade, which she admits to having “drawn her lips smaller today”, and dramatic eyes to complement the launch of the Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof mascara, she walked straight to her makeup stash and was ready to roll for our cameras.

That focus and preparedness to talk about her craft impressed us within mere minutes.

“It’s my first time in Singapore and it’s so beautiful. What makes it even more perfect, is that everyone speaks English, or Singlish, as I’ve been told, “ she quipped with a laugh.

As the cameras start to roll, we saw more of her personality come to life, clearly because she was talking about the one thing she knows and loves best – makeup.

That passion doesn’t seem to have waned one bit, ever since she started webcam-ing herself in 2007.

She’s also immensely grateful that her job has brought her places, from Italy to New Zealand, from Germany to Beijing. She even shared her observation about how makeup habits differ in countries.

Back in the US, girls tend to use brushes for their eye makeup, whereas the girls in Asia prefer using their fingertips. In South America, they’re all about the eyeliner, and in Europe, they wear very light makeup, preferring to concentrate on their fragrance instead.

The perfectionist in Phan also showed through when she whipped out her notepad to scribble down notes before working on her voiceover, and she kept going until she nailed it.

It’s not just her fans who are wanting a piece of Phan. It seems even her friends do too! When asked if her close friends constantly request for her to do their makeup, she replied with mock horror, “All the time! Especially with the contouring of their noses”

“Recently I was at my friend’s bachelorette party and I ended up contouring eight noses in one night! Who needs a nose job when you can achieve the same look with matte taupe” Phan added, before laughing out loud at the memory.

And that mastery of makeup techniques is exactly why Phan is where she is at today.

WATCH VIDEO: Michelle creates a doll-eyed look for herworldPLUS writer, Rachael in just five steps!