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There are a few things in life that I’ll kill for, and great skin is one of them. Although I am acutely aware that celebrities are paid to look that good, I still get skin-envy whenever I meet them face to face. I sat down with Michelle Chia, the new face of Hada Labo Singapore, to find out how she gets away without having to use foundation (even when she’s on set!).

A beauty secret she inherited from her mother, Michelle swears by patting her face nonstop (at least 300 times a day!). Whether she is watching the tele or lying in bed, Michelle is continuously “slapping” her face. Which has even led her boyfriend to wonder why she’s always hitting herself. Looking at her very contoured jawline and taut face, I would say this patting business is working for her.

Believe it or not, the tanned actress doesn’t use foundation. “I have rather oily skin, so I don’t use foundation actually, I can’t! Be it a big show or a small television series or whether I’m hosting an event ‒ I don’t use foundation.” Michelle says that her constant perspiration makes it difficult for makeup to stay, so she relies on loose powder or an illuminator to hide flaws instead.

Being forced to go foundation-free has also led her pick up great makeup tips. One thing that Michelle believes in is that for any beauty product to work, you need to find out the best way to use the product. For example, instead of just smearing BB cream all over her face, the actress warms it up in her hands and then presses it onto her visage. Doing so often gives the actress a nice dewy finish every time.

Michelle declared that she is extremely impatient when it comes to skincare. Once when she had an eight-step skincare routine, the actress simply mixed all eight products on her palm, gave it a swirl, and slapped them on her face. Although she knew it wasn’t the most effective method, Michelle said that her idea was to warm up the products in her hands before applying them on her face (although she admits that applying eight products at once was a bit too excessive).

She said that warming up the products she believed increased its efficacy. Likewise, the actress warms up a dollop of Hada Labo’s lotion on her palm before patting it on. The product enters her skin instantaneously, so she doesn’t have to resort to mixing up her skincare steps any more.

The sporty actress said that when she’s done applying her Hada Labo Lotion, she eagerly pats the excess on her boyfriend (which makes the scientist grimace in the process!). The two of them also share certain beauty products, and Michelle says that she even indulges him in facials from time to time ‒ making him feel extra loved.

Well, what can we say, love does make a person glow.

Michelle Chia is the local ambassador for Hada Labo. For more information, visit www.hadalabo.com.sg or follow the brand on Facebook.