Singapore Idol Season 3 – it didn’t capture our attention as much the first one did (Taufik! Sylvester!) but we will remember young Sylvia Ratonel making it to the finals – proving that women can still survive in a competition decided by teenage girls.

So it was great to find out that she’s now part of Maybelline New York as their local celebrity ambassador – definitely score one for the local women.

At yesterday night’s event, got a few minutes with the girl-of-the-moment and quizzed her on all things makeup:


What are your favourite makeup products?

I always have eyeliner, mascara and lip balm with me. I always have eyeliner on before I leave my house – I feel it really brightens up my face? A favourite of mine is Maybelline New York’s Gel Liner.















Besides these 3 items, what else is in your makeup bag?

Powder foundation. It helps conceal a lot and I can take it out at anytime to mop up any sweat and oily shine that I get.









Since Maybelline is known for their wide range of mascaras, which is your favourite?

Definitely the limited edition Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara (only 30,000 will be available here in June) – it’s so fun to use. I also like the recently-launched The Magnum Volum’Express Waterproof Mascara because it really helps to volumise my lashes. Once, I even used a different mascara on each eye – to see how differently they work.















What makeup tips did you learn from being in Singapore Idol?

The makeup artists at Singapore Idol taught me a lot of tips and tricks – for example, I learnt how to use bronzer to contour my face and make my nose smaller. I immediately went out to buy bronzer after that! And I’ve tried replicating the smoky eyes they did on me, but I’m still not very good at it (laughs).








How does it feel be the first homegrown talent from Singapore Idol to be chosen as the face of Maybelline New York? 

Before Idol, I really didn’t have a lot going for me. But after the competition, it’s like one good thing has happened after another – like being chosen as Maybelline’s ambassador. It’s such a huge honour that someone believes in me so much and it’s really heartwarming.










Could you tell us more about your transformation before and after the competition?

It was a huge change. I used to have really plain looks and growing up with 2 brothers meant that I was always trying to fit in with them and I didn’t bother experimenting with makeup. Even my mum is quite simple too – she didn’t even know how to braid my hair! I was also quite timid and unsure of myself, even during performances. But having my looks enhanced by makeup seemed to put something inside of me – it didn’t change who I am, but looking good meant I felt confident and had better self-esteem – as a result, I performed better too.














Watch out for the single that Sylvia is currently writing for Maybelline.