My friends always ask me why I have so many different types of facial masks. Whitening, hydrating, oxygen, deep cleansing or refreshing masks, I love them all. I always liken using facial masks to going for tuition classes. It’s enough to go to school (basic skincare regime) but going for extra lessons and tuition gives your child – or in this case, face – that extra boost it needs to excel. It’s a common misconception that one can’t use a facial mask every day. While it’s true that you shouldn’t use the same type of mask every day – for example too much deep cleansing actually dries your skin – using a good mix of various target treatment masks is extremely beneficial to your skin. For example, a normal week ly mask schedule might go something like this:


Monday – Cle de Peau Intensive Treatment mask

Tuesday – La Prairie Cellular Deep Cleansing mask

Wednesday – Biotherm Hydra-detox Bio-defense

Thursday – Bulgari Masque Precieux

Friday – Cosme Decorte White Science White Lift mask

Saturday – St Clair Sebum Treatment (a set that comes with a mask)

Sunday – Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Mask


The schedule is not set in stone but this is a rough guide on how I go through my masks. There are so many more masks that I use and I’m constantly trying and buying new ones. These masks just take about 20 minutes of your time but the benefits of using them go a long way.