An exclusive interview with Marc Jacobs Beauty Global Makeup Artist, Gilbert Soliz

Known for his wild and daring makeup looks, Gilbert Soliz spills the deets on some of his best-kept beauty secrets

Who better to deliver helpful, useful and interesting beauty hacks than someone who has dedicated their entire life to the beauty industry?  We want real beauty help, so we went straight to the top - none other than Gilbert Soliz, the Global Make Up Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty. Grab your coffee and enjoy below for some must-know insider tips!




1. I see a lot of bold makeup looks on your Instagram feed. Where do you constantly find the inspiration to produce new ones that have never been done before?

Extreme glamour has always sort of been the way I describe my beauty aesthetic, so a lot of my inspiration is often stemmed from the actual products themselves. Colours and textures really drive where I can take the makeup, but in terms of the overall style, I’d say that comes from – gosh, so many different things! For example, other makeup artists inspire me so social platforms like Instagram are where I follow legendary artists who have been around for very long, like Val Garland and Kabuki, who inspire me with their unique style and flair.


2. What is the (one) makeup product a woman should never go without?

Only one!? (Laughs) The one makeup product that a woman can never be without… I’m gonna have to say lipstick. I feel like when women put on a lip, it’s like armour. It’s like a protective shield. They can go out and feel more confident. They feel made up and they feel like they can take on anything.



3. Bold colours can be a little daunting to wear. If someone is used to wearing the natural makeup look, what is the easiest way for her to begin incorporating bright/bold colours to her everyday look?

At Marc Jacobs Beauty, we’re really known for provocative colours. The great thing is that, in any one of our collections – whether it’s eyeliner, lipstick or eyeshadow – you have a big assortment of it. Although the trends may be a bit extreme, you can always wear them in subtle ways. Colourful mascaras are always great: when you blink or look down, you just get a flash of colour, and there are a lot of ways to wear it. You can apply black mascara first and tip the lashes with colour or wear coloured mascara by itself. It’s very versatile.

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4. What do you foresee will be some big and new makeup trends in the upcoming months?

Tying it back to the brand, there’s gonna be a lot of momentum around eyes, especially metallic, bold shadows. But the trend really is about making your own mark and wearing colour in ways where it enhances your features, so you’re not following a cookie cutter look but playing it up in a very personal way.


5. What do you think is the easiest way to do a smokey eye?

We just coined this new technique called the under-smoke as a Marc Jacobs Beauty signature technique. Smokey eyes never seem to fade from fashion, but what we’ve done is, we’ve dropped it below and we’ve concentrated it on the lower lash line because it’s something that feels a little more disruptive and has a very edgy, modern feel. The easiest way to create smokey eyes is by using our Highliner Gel Eye Crayon. Glide them along the lash line and simply smudge it, creating that smoldering effect with your finger or with a brush. The formula really lends itself because it sets and you really don’t have to worry about smearing or smudging. Also, they’re waterproof.



Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, $38.


6. Can you tell us a method to make a lip gloss stay put longer?

That’s an interesting one. I would say a pro tip is to layer product. We have our Poutliner Longwear Lip Pencil that’s waterproof – it’s a gel-cream hybrid and basically gives you a really good base for your lipstick or your lip gloss to adhere to. The idea is to put something down first and then apply your lip gloss on top so your lips don’t absorb the moisture, and so the colour doesn’t feather, bleed or fade.


7. How can we use pencil eyeliners without it smearing at mid-day?

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, hands down. It’s the easiest way. But if you don’t have a Highliner, again, a pro tip is layering. I’ll use this example: when you apply foundation, you use powder to set it. Same thing with eyeliner: let’s say you apply a brown eyeliner. Use a brown eyeshadow powder to set it so that the colour is locked down and doesn’t fade or smudge.

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