Marble nails are the latest Instagram manicure trend we love!

SEE PHOTOS: Sick of the same old, same old when it comes to your manicure? Cracked marble nails are my obsession du jour – they’re incredibly cool and unbelievably easy to execute at home. Don’t believe me? See these #NailStagram pics for Insta-inspiration

Those mottled marble nails sported by the slinky sylphs on social media everywhere? #NailedIt. Calling it right now: Marble is the new nude ... or orange, or white, or whatever It-colour happens to have gained the upper hand with our capricious cosmetics overlords. Marbled manis are sexy, sleek and surprisingly sophisticated. What’s not to love?

On a more practical note, the smoke-and-mirrors effect of the marbling will mask any blemishes on your nail bed, plus it’ll make for such a clean counterpoint to any contemporary silhouette: Think of the cool pop of colour the polish will provide when paired with a breezy blue blouse, for instance.

Losing your marbles yet? Friendly PSA to note when selecting your swag: Single out 3- or 5-free formulas so as to take the menace out of your manicure, and you’ll be in good hands.

Got your hues on hand? Good. To procure this polished look at home, simply slick on a couple of coats of matte white across the entire nail bed. Proceed to dapple on dots in a colour of your choice; if you’re gunning for a monochrome mani, that would mean a gorgeous granite grey. While the paint is still wet, grab a toothpick and swirl the shades around to simulate the squiggling and snaking motif seen in organic marble, then seal in all the goodness with a matte top coat. Easy enough, right.

All hands on deck? Pore over these #NailsOfInstagram tear-sheets that have earned a thumbs-up from yours truly, and have fun gussying up your tippy-toes. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your nail art come #ManicureMonday!


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