Photo: Im Se-mi

When used together, blush and lipstick brighten up your appearance and create a look of flushed, just-got-out-of-the-gym healthy beauty. That said, trying to match and coordinate the colour of your blush to your lipstick can be quite a challenge. But, here is a fun tip: Your new go-to blush might just be hiding in your favourite lipstick. When you use your lipstick as a blush, you are not only creating a monochromatic makeup look that is super flattering, you are also saving and maximising space in your makeup pouch.

The number one thing to bear in mind when you use your lipstick as a blush is to choose a consistency that goes on smooth and creamy so you can blend it out with your fingers. Anything too glossy could look greasy and unnatural on the skin, and anything too matte could look patchy and chalky. Also, as a rule of thumb, avoid super dark or bright lipsticks that could look too harsh on your cheeks.

As for where the blush should go? You can apply the colour low on the cheek, almost like where a little child would blush, otherwise you can also pop that colour on the apples of your cheeks and smudge the colour out with your fingertips.

Now that you have the 411 on how to wear your lipstick as blush, here are our favourite lippies that double up to as lovely blushers.