Foundations just keep getting better – and longer-lasting, for at least 12 hours, and some, even up to 24 hours. That’s pretty long to have foundation on. While it’s great, especially if you live in Singapore and have to deal with all-year-round heat and humidity, should you using a long-lasting foundation every day? More importantly, is it true that the greater the staying power, the better?

We ask makeup maestro Larry Yeo for his take, and for his tips on how to keep your foundation in place and how to remove it properly at the end of the day. 

#1 How long should I be wearing my foundation for every day? 

Larry says: It really is up to you, as everyone reacts differently to different foundations and the length of time it is on the skin. In addition, foundations sit differently on everyone too, so you have to understand what works best for you. 

#2 What are three easy ways to ensure that my foundation lasts, doesn’t oxidise or disappear during the day? 

Larry says: Apply as little as possible. Foundation is used to even out the skin tone, and sometimes we really only need it at certain parts of the face. 

Prep the skin before applying foundation. Take your time to massage in your toner, serum or moisturiser until the skin gets nice and plumped, and the dry patches are no more. All this can help your foundation adhere better and last longer. But also don’t leave your skin too damp or rich with product, as that can make the foundation look patchy. 

It’s alright if it fades. Fading foundation is natural. It can occur due to the natural release of facial oils and sweat, or if you apply too much skincare before that. There is no shame in touching up your makeup when it’s faded. But this is also why you shouldn’t apply too much foundation in the first place, the too-thick layers can hinder makeup from sitting well when touch-ups are needed.  

#3 What’s the best way to remove every trace of long-lasting foundation at the end of the day?
Larry says: Double cleansing is key. Take off the first layer with a cleansing oil, milk or balm, and then follow this with a facial wash. Many women tend to just use just facial wash to clean away most of their makeup, which is not good enough as they often do not take enough time to thoroughly breakdown the makeup particles to efficiently remove every last trace of it on the skin.