For F/W19, we spied some outrageous eye looks that’ll set the beauty tone for upcoming months. But let’s get real – as stunning as they look, what you see on the runways doesn’t always translate well IRL. Makeup artists Larry Yeo and Sha Shamsi help guide us through on how to work these looks for everyday wear. See their tips below:

The look: Pops of neon
Runway: Neon looks even more flamboyant here because of its painterly application – there’s a cool “street style” consciousness to the look. 
When turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Use a neon eyeliner on top of black as an accent. More adventurous? Bring the neon colour onto the lower lash line as well, lightly smudging it.”
Sha says: “Don’t have neon over the entire lid. Put it on the inner corners of your eyes, or only on the centre of your lids. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and neutral.”

The look: Chunky glitter lids
Runway: When it comes to runway glitter, more is more. The trend is to layer and pack the glitz on until it looks like your lids are jewel-encrusted. 
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Start with shimmery gold eyeshadow over the eyelids. Then, pick up a glitter product (like one in a gel base) in a similar gold tone and tap it over the eyeshadow. This creates a glittery texture without actually having to layer glitter on excessively.” 
Sha says: “Apply the chunky glitter on only one specific area of the eye instead of the entire lid. Take a bit of the glitter onto your cheek too, for a party look.”


The look: Pastels
Runway: There are no rules on the runway, so allover-the-lid pastels can look fun and dandy, like they’ve been spray-painted on. 
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Make sure these pastel shades are properly blended out, without harsh lines or patches. The point is to bring out the softness of these shades on the skin.”
Sha says: “Pastels are a refreshing switch from the usual browns and taupes – you have to try it to be convinced. Keep to sweet, soft pinks if you’re not adventurous. Avoid yellow, which can make you look sallow.”


The look: Really thick liner
Runway: One word: exaggeration. The thickness brings visual drama by adding an unnatural “bigness” to the eyes. 
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Draw your regular liner twice as thick. It looks best with a red lip stain or a glossy pink lip.”
Sha says: “As scary as it looks, chunky liner actually complements Asian eyes as it makes them appear sharper and bigger. It’s a look for the brave-hearted – try it only if you dare.”


The look: Graphic liner
Runway: Clean lines are drawn right into the eye socket, shaping and emphasising the eye. 
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Impossible.”
Sha says: “Instead of extending the liner all the way out, do quick, light strokes on the inner corners of the eyes. It’s still graphic but subtle. And it helps create the illusion of deep-set eyes.”


The look: “Morning after” smudgy lash line
Runway: Like ’90s grunge – edgy, but not dirty. 
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “Use a softer option than black eyeliner – like eggplant, moss or dark brown – and make sure it’s smudged on the lash line: Close your eyes tightly before the eyeliner sets, and the pressure will transfer the product. It’ll look natural, as if you slept in it.”
Sha says: “Opt for softer browns or muted pinks and smudge them out on the lower lash line, so the look doesn’t come across as too fierce or harsh, but slightly more romantic and dreamy.”


The look: Fuchsia lids
Runway: We’ve only just started to warm up to fuchsia cheeks, and now, it’s bright, bold and beautiful fuchsia lids.
Turning runway into real life…
Larry says: “A less heavy-handed way to wear the colour is to blend a soft pink eyeshadow across the lids, then use a strong fuchsia pink as liner.”
Sha says: “The shade is already showstopping in itself, so keep your eyeshadow finish matte for a more understated appeal. Don’t blend it beyond the level of the eye socket.”

This story first appeared in the September issue of Her World magazine.