Lolent Lee

Favourite synthetic makeup brush: 13rushes Fluffy Blender Brush, $18.

Why he loves this brush: “They say that natural hair brushes are best to pick up finely milled makeup colours but this synthetic brush is great for picking up any sort of powder colour too as the bristles are so well-made and even. It also blends colour very easily helping me achieve different effects.”

How he uses it: “I use this mainly for eyeshadow application and blending. It is perfect for creating a deep-set eyes effects by blending on soft eyeshadow colours on the eye socket.”


Larry Yeo

Favourite synthetic makeup brush: 13rushes Universal Do-It-All Face Brush, $39.90

Why he loves this brush: “Besides the fact that it was my pet project for two years, as I collaborated with the brand to develop this makeup brush, it makes the blending of products so much easier due to its pad shape of the brush tip. Each brush is handmade, the dome shape of the bristles have to be arranged by hand because we wanted that perfected roundness to allow it to slide on every crevice and shape of anyone’s face. The bristles can be used for both liquid and powder based makeup.

How he uses it: “I use it for everything, so I have many of the very same brush for applying different products, from foundation to contour powder, concealer to blusher.”

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Elain Lim

Favourite synthetic makeup brushes: Laneige Foundation Brush 02, $36; and Laneige Concealer Brush 01, $12.

Why she loves these brushes: “The foundation brush blends well as it has the right firmness and doesn’t leave foundation looking streaky. And the concealer brush buffs out thicker layers and blends it out for invisible coverage.”

How she uses them: “ The foundation brush is my go to for applying liquid or cream foundations as it doesn’t absorb too much of the product. And the concealer brush is great for buffing out the concealer on any part of the face so that it looks natural.


Clarence Lee

Favourite synthetic makeup brushes: Kat Von D Crème Contour Brush #5, $52; and Cle De Peau Beaute Foundation Brush.

Why he loves these brushes: The Kat von D brush is ideal for blending contour sticks or creams. The Cle De Peau Foundation brush is great for Asian faces as it is small enough to reach tricky areas like around the nose, but isn’t too small that it slows down foundation application.

How he uses them: After applying contour colours directly onto the face, the Kat Von D brush is great for blending away any stark lines. The foundation brush from Cle De Peau Beaute works with all types of foundation, allowing careful blending for the perfect, flawless no-makeup look.


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