Spring makeup is fun and inspires happiness, if you ask us. However, there’s no need for ’80s-style excess either. So how, then, should you wear neon for the eyes and still look really modern?

A little coral accent on the eyes or a swipe of fuchsia on the lips (plus, a few more ideas) will take you from so-so to sizzling.

Here are five hot makeup looks to try now, plus tips from local makeup artist Melissa Yeo on how to make them work for you.

Neon for the eyes

The rule is to keep the focus on the eyes. “Neon colours are attention-grabbing, so keep the rest of your makeup minimal,” says makeup artist Melissa Yeo. A slight wash of blusher or lip tint is about the most you should add.

Yellow to highlight

There are a few ways to use yellow as a makeup accent on the eyes, but Yeo says not to apply the colour on more than two areas at once. Try daubing it on the inner or outer corner of eyes, across the eyelids near the upper lash line, or along the lower lash line.

Coral as an accent

“Try to keep the colour within the eye socket, and don’t apply it over the crease of the eye. This will prevent your eyes from looking swollen,” says Yeo. You should also apply eyeliner and mascara to create depth and definition on your eyes.

Fuchsia pout

This is a great colour to make your look pop, and it works on both fair and dark skin. Yeo says a mid-tone fuchsia that doesn’t have overly cool undertones would be the most flattering for most women. Keep the rest of the face minimal.

Popsicle-like lips

Nothing channels a relaxed, hot-weather vibe quite like luscious lips that look like you’ve been sucking on a fruit icicle.

Slick on a high-coloured gloss in shades like cherry, strawberry and apple, or use a lip tint and clear gloss to achieve a wet look.

Yeo’s tip: As lips will look quite diffused, define them with foundation or powder around the outer edges. 

This article was first published in Her World’s June 2020 issue.