Since debuting as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007, Taeyeon, who turned 31 today (March 9), has enjoyed great success in South Korea and all over Asia.

Known for her powerful vocals, the leader of Girls’ Generation eventually embarked on a solo career which saw her expand her repertoire to include more musical genres.

Naturally, beauty companies were eager to tap on her appeal, which led the Korean beauty to lucrative beauty campaigns, cementing her status as a beauty icon.

Here’s look back at the K-pop star’s best beauty looks, plus some tips to create them yourself.

Coppery Rose Eyes

Credit: Sephora

Orange hues

Credit: Colourpop & Sephora

Tickled Pink

Credit: Sephora

Light, fluffy brows

Credit: Sephora

Stained, red lips

Credit: Sephora