Sweat, humidity, sebum and even facial expressions don’t play well with foundations and concealers. But the formula in Shiseido’s base makeup revamp turns these minuses into pluses. 

“What were once considered makeup’s greatest enemies actually help our new Synchro Skin formulas (now called Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing) last longer,” says Gail Boye, Shiseido Makeup’s senior VP of Global Product Development. 

The formula adapts to skin across the day. It “resists sweat, oil and motion for a fresh, natural finish that lasts all day, and doesn’t require constant touch-ups,” says Jill Scalamandre, president of Shiseido Makeup. 

It works with perspiration and humidity. The more active you are, the harder it works to create an invisible barrier, keeping your makeup on longer.

It uses skin’s own sebum, coating it with a special powder that increases light diffusion, for a soft natural glow. 



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All the smiling, frowning and talking you do all day is taken care of with elastic-like polymers that sync with skin as you emote and “snap” back. “This ingredient’s elasticity allows makeup to move in tandem with facial expressions and return to a freshly applied state every time,” says Boye. 

It’s also anti-pollution, creating a veil that traps micro particles. 

Only three of the six-product base makeup range contain the new tech: Foundation (smudge-proof, crease- and transfer-resistant 24 hours with SPF30, 12 shades, $34); Cushion Compact (16-hour wear, eight shades, $75); and liquid Concealer (24-hour medium to full coverage, eight shades, $46).  

This story was first published on Her World’s November 2019 issue.