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Have you ever wondered what are the exact attributes that make one seem young? Is it the cheeks, hair or eyes? Well, a study from the journal, Frontiers in Psychology might just have revealed the secret to making yourself seem immediately younger

Researchers from France and America teamed up to uncover the science of ‘facial contrast’, which is how much the eyes, eyebrows and lips stand out from one’s facial structure. To test this, the researchers used computer software to analyse the facial contrast in images of women from various ethnicities all over the world. The participants varied from the ages of 20 to 80. 

After the faces from all ages were studied, the researchers found that all three aspects of facial contrast (eyes, eyebrows and lips) decreased with age. A lighter contrast of the face is an aspect of ageing while darker eyebrows, eyes or lips promote a more youthful appearance.


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The researchers proposed that people could actively adjust how young they look simply by ensuring that their eyes, eyebrows and lips stand out in their appearance. An easy solution would be to bring attention to these features simply by darkening or colouring them. 

1. It could be as easy as lightly filling your brows in to make them look fuller. Try a brow powder or mascara for a softer effect.

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2. Making your eyes stand out naturally calls for a coat of mascara. Pick a formula that isn’t too intense so it looks more natural than piled-on.

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3. Use a soft brown eyeliner pencil, a kohl pencil helps to add definition without looking too obvious.

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4. And, don’t forget to give some attention to your lips with nude tone lip pencils and lippies.

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